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Aileen's story

Aileen being an accountancy graduate has made a successful career in product management, sales, and marketing. She started her career working in a multinational corporation on a sales team, during which she realized her love to talk to people. While talking she learned a lot about other people’s successful businesses and she shared things she learned from others, this drove her desire to become a subject matter expert and help businesses grow. On her journey to and in Sintel, she learned everything about a product from how to take it to people, how to price it, and how to sell it. She later moved to Mastercard and deep-dived into the telecommunication industry and gained a lot of knowledge on the same.


Her journey had a lot of obstacles as Aileen put it, “I have too many(challenges) to count, one skill I have is always coming back after a setback, my biggest work experience is a failure, the more I fail the more I learn and I was able to come back and be successful”. She also explained that its okay to take a different career path from what we study. She rightly put "It's not how you start it's how you finish", you choose your Subject when you are 18, and it's hard to define your life at that age, so carve your own path as you go.


She felt so lucky as tokenism was a thing when she was looking for jobs, and companies were actively hiring women in their workspace and giving them recognition. However, she also felt like she got a job because she was female, but she took tokenism and embraced it and showed people how she could add value the company. She did experience discrimination in Australia for being an Asian, but she stood up and kept her hands always high on the table with her families support. 


She pointed out that we should think of failure as a part of the experience to be successful. If we don't have a fear of failure, it will take us to a different level, and when we operate with fear we don't take a bold decisions. She answered a most anticipated question on how to find out if we love our job.

She said “If you have all these three you find a perfect job”

  1. Doing something day-to-day that doesn't exhaust you, 

  2. Finding something you are good at, should be a skill, not a field. 

  3. If you can find something that makes money with the above two that would be perfect. 

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